The Underwater Rainforest

The Underwater Rainforest

The name Goa conjures up many images – tourists, golden beaches, water lapping on the shore and
more. It’s beautiful, but not the whole picture. Goa isn’t just home to party animals; it also has
beautifully formed ecosystems with a variety of wildlife – animals, birds and insects. But it’s what lies
under the water that concerns us. Slip beneath the surface of that blue green water and you’re
greeted by a whole new ecosystem – the ecosystem of coral reefs.
When you think of coral reefs, chances are the Great Barrier Reef comes to mind. However, there
are extensive coral reefs that are closer to home. These coral reefs are built by colonies of small
organisms called polyps. Their structures are held together by calcium carbonate that is secreted by corals.

Although these reefs cover less that 0.1 % of the ocean, they host nearly 25 percent of all marine life. So it’s a
safe bet to assume that you will find a diverse and stunning range of marine life inside and around
the reefs.
Two of Goa’s most famous islands – Grande and Bat are fringed with gorgeous coral reefs. Grande,
which is three nautical miles from Sinquerim, features majestic reefs. Since corals thrive in shallow
water and require sunlight, you won’t have to dive very deep to see them. Slipping in and around
these reefs are Butterfly fish, Cuttlefish, Angel Fish, Parrot Fish, Stone Fish, Sea Cucumbers and so
much more.
So, are you ready to discover the reefs?

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