Diwali Dive Party!

Diwali Dive Party!

Exploring the deep …

So being Diwali, the Scuba Evolution India dive team (Ryan, Sergey, Vish and I) decided to do some exploration diving and find some new sites West of Grande Island. And find something we did – a sweet little reef with a myriad of fish and a nice adjoining sand patch to boot. Dive site ‘Puffer Paradise’, was thus christened; more for the family of puffers that decided to play stare down the divers than the triggers, fusiliers, butterflies, etc.

Clear waters, calm seas and a fun team to joke around with. What more could scuba divers ask for? Sidemount of course! Sidemount instructors Ryan and Vish decided that a sidemount dive would be their much needed Diwali gift to themselves. We also managed to put the new GoPro5 to the test, Scubapro Hollis gear and  PADI SSI TDI training did help.

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Happy days of happy diving!

Chique – Dive Master


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