Make your first dive today!

Have you always wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? To swim with the fishes, although, not in a Mob sort of way. Or perhaps explore the curiosities of a shipwreck? Read on to find out more about our Introductory Dive Programs.

TRY SCUBA DIVING (Min Age 10yrs)

INR 3,500 | Duration : 15 min Sea Dive

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INR 5,000 | Duration: 30 to 35 min Sea Dive + Certificate of completion

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If you want to be a scuba diver, but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, Try Scuba Diving is an ideal start. Dip your toes into the realm of scuba diving with this introductory program that includes a little theory and briefing on the dive, followed by your first scuba dive in a pool that will help you get used to being underwater. During the pool dive, you will learn some underwater skills, and get comfortable in the dive gear. Have fun indulging the water baby within. Swimmers and non-swimmers welcome!

When you’re sea ready, hop on a boat and head to the local dive sites around Grande Island. Your sea dive will be under the direct supervision of an Internationally Certified Dive Instructor.

INR 3,500 includes equipment rental and photographs.

INR 5,000 includes equipment rental, pool dive and photographs, boat hire, snacks and water and certificate.

Accommodation package available at. at http://www.maggieshaven-candolim.com/

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INR 2,500 per child

A great way to introduce kids to scuba diving, the Kids Fun Diving Program is as fun as it sounds. In this underwater adventure, children, aged 8 years and above, are taught to use scuba gear to breathe underwater, swim in shallow pools (up to 2m/6ft deep), and as a bonus, blow bubbles while scuba diving. Say, brainwave! Ditch the typical kiddie birthday do this year, for a cool underwater theme party instead. There’s no cooler giveaway than a picture with the kitted out birthday star and his/her friend.

Age: 8 years or older. While no prior experience is necessary, kids must be comfortable in water. Parental permission and presence mandatory.

INR 2,500 per child for pre-briefing, training and half an hour in the pool. Includes equipment rental and photographs. Accommodation package available at http://www.maggieshaven-candolim.com.



  • Course prices are subject to change without notice. Confirm the same before enrolling.
  • Full payment of course fees is to be made at the time of registration.
  • In the event that training has to be aborted due to reasons beyond our control and/or in the interest of safety of the divers/crew, our liability will be limited to completing the dives at other convenient dates or offering referrals for the remaining portion of the course that may be conducted by qualified PADI /SSI instructors at other locations.