Bali: An underwater jewel

Bali: An underwater jewel

The name Bali conjures up many interesting images- crystal blue waters, swaying palm trees, volcanoes, dancers, ancient temples and friendly people. The beautiful lands of Bali are enticing, no doubt! But there is more to this ‘Island of Gods’ beyond stunning sunsets and parties.

Home to various majestic marine creatures, miles upon miles of colorful reefs and an exquisite topography, diving in the warm waters of Bali can be a surreal experience for divers across the world.

From magnificent sea creatures to vibrant reefs, ancient shipwrecks to an underwater temple, Bali is the perfect destination for an underwater adventure.

Here’s why you should dive into the tropical waters of Bali:

Alluring marine life:

From the rare mola mola (sunfish) which can be spotted during July to November to the manta rays that can be seen throughout the year, Bali has been blessed with a plethora of sea creatures. Mola Mola like to catch some sun rays on the ocean surface and with a lot of blue sky days, Bali is the preferred destination to find these Vitamin D hunters.

Oriental Sweetlips, clown anemome fish and turtles can be easily spotted in Bali. White-tip, black-tip and gray reef sharks are also spotted in the beautiful waters of Bali.

Magnificent muck and macro diving:

Now, muck isn’t a very pleasant word- it reminds one of dirt and marsh. However, for divers, muck means finding incredible tiny treasures- black sands, small fishes, molluscs and critters, something that can be easily missed.  There is plenty of magic in Bali’s black sand slopes. Padangbai and Seraya are the best dive destinations for muck diving. Divers can expect to see pygmy seahorses, dragonets, ghost pipe fish and many different species of crabs.

Stunning Shipwreck:

Shipwrecks have a history to tell and what is better than experiencing a World War II wreck? The USAT Liberty wreck in Bali is one of the easiest and popular wreck dive sites in the world. The armed cargo ship was torpedoed by the Japanese in 1942. The stunning shipwreck, submerged below just 20 meters of water, is now an artificial reef with its wood and steel transformed into a coral wonderland.

 Enthralling Balinese culture:

Bali is famous for its culture and vibrancy. Ancient temples, traditional dances and welcoming locals celebrate Bali’s lively culture. So, when you aren’t diving, you could party till the sun goes down or zen out with yoga enthusiasts amidst paddy fields.

All in all, the riches of Bali’s underwater world are well-worth the plane ride it takes to reach this beautiful diving destination.

So if you want to experience an underwater adventure that will leave you spellbound, join Scuba Evolution India on its journey to the Island of Gods.

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